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Meena Chan is an award-winning and bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and an entrepreneur. Graduating with a Master’s in Communication, she thrived for 13 years in a successful marketing career and as a freelance writer for a leading publication. She is a recipient of the prestigious Nautilus Silver Book Award and Reader’s Favorite Award. Meena was chosen as an Inspirational Women by Mo2vate, a leading UK based magazine. She lives in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two children. Her passions include yoga, meditations, massages and coffee!



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I’m extremely proud of Meena to see her transformational journey, how far she’s come along in healing and recovering. I can greatly recommend to anyone suffering from Hashimoto’s or any autoimmune condition can highly benefit from this book. The book includes a good dose of inspiration, guidance, humor and is emotionally touching.

Dr. YiQiu Hu

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Medical Director

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